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Sprinkler Services

What is a Sprinkler Start-Up?

At JT Lawn our start-up is an extensive process. We go through each zone to make sure every head is pointed correctly to give you head-to-head coverage. We also comb through the system to find any leaks, breaks, or damage from the harsh FM winter. Typically we only have hour time slots and we may not have all of the parts required for repairs on the day of the start-up. Because of this, our start-up customers get priority treatment when it comes to service work after the start-ups have been completed.

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Get a head start!

It can be a challenging and convoluted process to start up your system after an unpredictable FM winter. To avoid the wait of getting halfway through your system then finding out something is broken, contact JT Lawn Services to get it up and running in no time. 

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