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Thatch is a mat-like layer of dead grass, roots, rhizomes, and other debris that builds up on your lawn over time. It is a very normal process that can occur faster or slower depending on your specific lawn composition. Dethatching is the process of removing a majority of the thatch so the remainder can decompose completely to add nutrients back to your soil. The reason why our clients like to get their lawn dethatched is because thatch can actually start strangling your lawn and starving it of nutrients if there is too much of it. Removing some thatch periodically leads to a happier, healthier lawn.

When is it time to dethatch?

Thatch builds up at different rates depending on a number of factors. Kentucky Bluegrass, the turf most properties in the FM area are made up of, is very prone to building up thatch quicker than other species. For lawns in the FM area we suggest dethatching once a year to once every two years. We do not dethatch sod that is younger than 3 years old. It is important to allow your turf to develop it's root system fully before removing excess thatch.

Excessive Thatch.png

Excessive thatch.  Photo: Geoff Rhinehart

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