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Lawn Care Services


It's the easiest way to make your lawn look better than ever. For most people mowing is a hassle that never seems to be done. It takes time, energy, and a degree of patience to make sure your rows are even. Some people hate it, some people love it. We happen to be the kind that love it! Our technicians work hard to make sure their striping looks pristine and that the work they put in is reflected in the result.

What is striping?

Striping is a process that is set in place over multiple mows. Attached to the mower there is a kit that brushes the grass down as it mows over. The dark stripes are caused by grass brushed towards you while the light ones are brushed away. When striping it is important to be consistent with where you mow. Zig zags like the photo below are the product of weeks of work. 

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