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Privacy Policy

How we collect your data

Directly from you. For example, when you register for an account or provide marketing or communications preferences. 

Automatically.  For example, when you call into the office or email us for any reason.

Data we collect & how we use it




Phone Number

Service History with JT Lawn


The above are used to notify you of scheduled services, promotions, marketing, and renewal of services.

How we share data

Disclosure for business purposes


Service Software Providers

Texting Software Providers

Payment processors and financial institutions


JT Lawn Services does not sell your information to third parties. All information gathered is used for the sole purpose of scheduling, marketing, and promoting services to our customers.

Opting Out

You can opt out of messaging by texting "STOP" to 701-963-4545. You can also opt out of emails by tapping the “Click here to no longer receive emails from us” line on any email we send to you.

Changes to this privacy notice

We may change our notice and privacy practices over time. This notice includes an “effective” or “last updated” date. The effective date means the date that the current version took effect. The last updated date means the date the current version was last changed.

Last Updated  Date

This policy was updated on 05/03/2024 and goes into effect immediately.

Our terms of service

This is an agreement between JT Lawn Services and Landscaping, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor and/or we, and you, hereinafter referred to as the Client and/or you.

Contractor and Client hereby promise and agree to the following: The Contractor agrees to provide the lawn improvement services as agreed, and the Client agrees to pay the requisite charges relating to the services completed. This agreement goes into effect once services are agreed upon.

Irrigation Systems

Do not water the night before or the day of your scheduled service.  The cut will not be satisfactory — grass blades layover when wet and blowing off debris is almost impossible.

Sprinkler Repairs

Properly designed and installed irrigation systems are not damaged by routine lawn service.  All systems require regular maintenance and will deteriorate without it. JT Lawn Services and Landscaping has experienced irrigators on staff, and we are happy to test your systems seasonally, prepare systems for overwintering, or make repairs when necessary for an additional cost; we do not pay for 3rd party repairs.

Other Damage

We are very careful when we service your lawn, but if a covered incident does happen, we will repair the damage.  Contact us immediately, no later than 24 hours after the service where the damage occurred.  Damages that occur during the performance of our services shall be the sole responsibility of JT Lawn Services and Landscaping.  All approved repairs will be made by us or by an approved contractor; repairs made by others without our consent will not be our financial responsibility.

If we are required to move objects to service your lawn and/or landscape, such as, but not limited to: benches, bird baths, basketball goals, playhouses, lawn furniture, trampolines, etc., we will not be responsible for damage caused by moving the object from where we need to provide service.

We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage to items left on the lawn. Our teams do their best to avoid running over hoses, toys, paper, dog bones, etc.  However, these items are sometimes difficult to see, so please take a moment and collect all objects on the lawn before the service team arrives.

Large Lawn Debris

(e.g., tree limbs) caused by inclement weather, or brush piles collected by the Client as a result of yard work efforts may require an extraneous charge for removal.  Removal requests must be made directly to the office, and the pile will need to be viewed and priced before any removal can take place.  Please do not approach your crew and insist that they do this as a part of your regularly scheduled services— they do not have appropriate room on their trucks to accommodate these requests, nor are they to be held responsible for doing work outside the realm of regularly scheduled services.


 Sometimes it rains on and off and we continue to work.  Sometimes your day is rained out and we just come the next day.  Due to weather and conditions beyond our control from time to time, your mowing service may be off schedule.  In the event of record rainfall that keeps our crews from safely and effectively visiting properties, service days may be missed entirely with no chance of a visit before the next scheduled service day.


We are greatly affected by the cost of fuel.  If fuel costs can be reduced by creating a more efficient route, schedules may be moved around. Fuel surcharges may apply as fuel rates fluctuate.

Inaccessible Yards

Once the service team arrives we begin our systematic approach to servicing your lawn.  In order to provide timely, efficient, and dependable service, we attempt to contact the Client by knocking on the door, texting, or calling if a yard is inaccessible and will reschedule if you are unable to make the yard accessible in a timely manner. Inaccessible Yards include, but are not limited to: locked gates, broken gates, ongoing projects, moving vans, too many parked cars, pets outside, outdoor parties, irrigation running, construction material, or workmen in a yard.

Locked Gates

Our service teams are careful about locking and closing gates.  If security is a concern, please make a quick check of the gate and lock for closure after our service to be certain the gate is secured.  Please contact us if you find the gate/lock open, and we will remind the service team to lock it every time!  However, we cannot guarantee a gate will latch and the lock stay in place.  You accept our service with these terms.


Our service teams love pets, but not all pets love us!  We are careful about locking and closing gates, but we cannot guarantee a pet will not escape.  We recommend keeping your pets inside on service days and checking the gate for closure after service to ensure it is latched before releasing your valuable pets into the yard. You accept our service with these terms.

Changes, Complaints, and Communications

Please make all communications, changes to service, or complaints to the office and not the service team. Contacting the office directly allows us to be certain that your changes or needs are noted correctly in your customer file and are placed on work orders and it is the only approved way to request a change to service or additional services.

Please Note: The team is authorized to perform only the work listed on their work order for the day.  We schedule all seasonal yard tasks according to proven best practices timelines — trust us, we know our stuff.  Assuming that you know when a certain task is to be performed and interrupting the team to demand that the task be done immediately is not effective, nor is it the way we run our business.  All additional work requires authorization and approval of the office before proceeding.  You accept our service with these terms.


The Client agrees to make full payment upon receipt of the invoice at risk of becoming a delinquent account after 40 days past due. JT Lawn Services and Landscaping reserves the right to stop services after 40 days without payment and send delinquent accounts to collections after 50 days of delinquency. JT Lawn’s receipt and acceptance of any payment less than the full amount due shall not waive any rights of JT Lawn. All costs and expenses, including but not limited to collection fees and reasonable attorney’s fees for the collection of any overdue amount due to JT Lawn Services and Landscaping, shall be paid by Client.


JT Lawn Services and Landscaping will contact you using the number and email provided. This contact will be for scheduling, marketing, and promotions. You can opt out of texting and email using the below information. 

For Help, text "HELP" to 701-963-4545 or to opt out of messaging text "STOP" to 701-963-4545.

Click the unsubscribe link in any of the emails sent to you by JT Lawn Services.

Continuing Service

We will contact you to renew your services before and during the season until you either confirm or decline services.

Cancellation Policy

Client may terminate services at any time unless bound by a Contract.

The above Terms were last updated 5/10/24 and goes into effect immediately.

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