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Hydroseeding is an efficient, high quality and most importantly, cost-effective, way to kickstart your new lawn. In technical terms we apply a slurry that is a combination of seed, mulch, and colorant, since it is applied at a high velocity it stays where it is placed far better than simply overseeding.. Another benefit of hydroseeding is that it stops erosion in its tracks. Seeds tend to germinate in 1-4 weeks depending on when it is applied and you will most likely start seeing sprouts within a week.

Care Instructions

Step 1

For the best possible results let your lawn dry for 24 hours if at all possible.

Step 2

Water daily. Do not let the mulch or the ground dry out or the germinating grass seed may die.

Step 3

Avoid excessive walking on the lawn until it has become established. (6-10 weeks in ideal conditions)

Step 4

You can mow as soon as the grass is 4 inches or higher (about 3-5 weeks) Set your mower to 3 inches and do not remove the clippings as bagging can disrupt the new grass.



Water 2-4 times a day for 20 minutes each time. Water more or less based on weather conditions. Make sure to stop watering an area if the water starts puddling. Standing water can drown the germinating seed and/or cause disease.

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