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Lawn Care Services


It's the easiest way to make your lawn look better than ever. For most people mowing is a hassle that never seems to be done. It takes time, energy, and a degree of patience to make sure your rows are even...


Thatch is a mat-like layer of dead grass, roots, rhizomes, and other debris that builds up on your lawn over time. It is a very normal process that can occur faster or slower depending on your specific lawn composition. Dethatching is the process of removing a majority of the thatch so the remainder can decompose completely to add nutrients back to your soil. The reason why our clients like to get their lawn dethatched is because thatch can actually start strangling your lawn and starving it of nutrients if there is too much of it. Removing some thatch periodically leads to a happier, healthier lawn.

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Fertilizer and Weed Control

Lawns are, in their most basic description, a monoculture. Since there are not a variety of plants with different life cycles and nutrient requirements, there is not a build up of organic fertilizer. To remedy this, JT Lawn uses a custom blend slow release fertilizer that keeps your grass green longer. Some fertilizers release the nutrients all at once, leading to a bright and luscious green that is short lived. Instead of keeping your turf steadily supplied with nutrients, there is a surge of growth and most people end up mowing 2-3 times a week just to keep up. With slow release fertilizer, it isn't as flashy, but it is consistent and promotes stronger and deeper growth.

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Core Aeration

Aeration is the process that helps with the compaction of soil. In the FM area we have a very high clay content in our lawns. This lends itself very well to compaction since the clay particles are so much smaller than other particles and can pack together in a way that prevents water drainage and root growth. Aerating pulls up plugs of earth to help make the soil loosen and make more space for roots to grow. It also has the added benefit of breaking up mole and vole tunnels.  At JT we like to aerate in the spring to help your yard get a jump start on the season. This process is typically done every other year.

Other Lawn Care Services

Clean lines and a clean exterior will revamp any property. Edging in the process of cutting back turf along walkways and drives ways in a more long lasting way than simply trimming. This process uses a special tool to create clean lines anywhere turf and walkways meet. It cuts maintenance time into almost nothing. Say adios to your weedwhacker, edging will keep your lines crisper for longer.

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